Who Is Promo Delivers?

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Promo Delivers

Promo Delivers is the promotional products businesses #1 choice for marketing services.

We supply both the professional promotional product Distributor and Supplier with a variety of tech-leading marketing options. These include email blast marketing, SMS message marketing, Facebook and Google Ads as well as hosting and web designing services.

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Our Advantages To You!

Promo Delivers is run, staffed and advised by both digital marketing and digital services and experts and perhaps more importantly, veteran professionals from our industry, the Promotional Products industry.

We Are Not Part Of Any Promotional Products Associations. Here’s Why!

In 2020/21 it no longer makes sense for us, as well as many of our customers, to belong to PPAI, Sage or ASI. The world is now online. The days of paper catalogs and flyers are numbered. The internet of everything is your biggest threat. Why would you continue to pay insane prices for email marketing and SMS marketing to any of these organizations. Especially when we all have the same contacts?

Reach More For Less!

In other marketing fields like TV and Radio they speak to their customers about REACH. What is marketing REACH?

REACH is something in the Promo biz we are all missing out on. REACH in promo means you need to get your products and services in front of more eyeballs than you currently are doing. We help you do this. We advise on your content, send your message to more prospects and help you build your customer base by reaching out to new customers.

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It Takes 7 Impressions To Make An Impression!

There is an adage in the promo biz, “it takes 7 impressions to make an impression!” What does this mean IMPRESSIONS?

Impressions is more simply said as the number of times one person sees your marketing message. You would be shocked at some of the art and branding fails we have seen. We actually care how you ads look and the results you get. That’s why we make sure that if we are going to work together we watch your back. Often we will offer our clients more effective subject lines, pointing out when their message may have problems with in-box deliverability and in general making your sure your 7 Impressions are effective ones!

What We Do Best!

Our expertise is really best described as follows.

Promo Delivers provides inexpensive digital marketing services (Email blasts and SMS marketing) to the Promotional Products business professionals.

For the Suppliers, we provide email blasting to a comprehensive and up to date list of 40,000 Distributors. We offer web hosting, private email servers and web hosting, plus a complete Website design service. We also provide laser focused SEO services. All focused on our expertise in the promo and tech fields.

For the Distributors, we provide email blasting to over 500,000 end users. We can set up your own private email campaign targeted with YOUR industry specific targets. We can obtain SIC Codes  Targeting any specific industry you want to! We also offer web hosting, private email servers and web hosting, Google and FaceBook ads, plus a complete website design service. We also provide laser focused SEO services. All targeted from our expertise in the promo and tech fields.

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