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email marketing strategy for trade show marketing

Digital Marketing Prices and Services for Suppliers. Read the entire list of SUPPLIER services and prices here! Our prices and services are simple. Email Campaigns Using Our List. Our double opted in list has over 40,000 promotional product salespeople. We will send out any proper image file you provide with the links and email it […]

What is an Email Campaign Marketing

email marketing services for the promotional product industry

What is an Email Campaign Marketing An email marketing campaign is the process of sending ongoing email messages to a large number of subscribers in a specific mailing list. The campaign should be an ongoing one sent at regular intervals. The reason for this is that single 1 time emails (aka blasts) are no longer […]

What is SMS Marketing?

sms marketing for promotional product distributors

What is SMS Marketing? SMS marketing your promotional product distributorship (message sent to smartphones) is a great way to reach your target customers on their mobile platforms. (Phones) Generally speaking, the goal of SMS marketing is to build connections to your website in order to increase customer awareness and loyalty. When implementing SMS marketing tactics, […]