Promo Delivers is located in Upstate New York.

Promo Delivers is owned and operated by experts in the promotional product field and experts in the world of digital marketing. 

We are expert at email marketing and SMS messaging for the promotional product industry. 

We respond to emails 7 days a week

Phone calls Monday to Friday. 9 am to 5 pm 

Call direct @ 1-888-889-4561


Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ

How many contacts in the Promo Delivers list.

At present we have just shy of 35,000 Distributors and promo professionals on our list.

Can I use my own list as well?

Absolutely, in fact we highly encourage it. The great part, it does not cost extra to add your list of contacts to the email or SMS blast. All lists are confidential to the owner of the list.

How often can I send?

The Basic package includes 8 full blasts a month for the monthly price of $249. That works out to less than $35 per send. Compare that to ASI or PPAI at nearly $500 a send and you can see the explosive value of this offer.

Can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel at any time but there are no refunds for that month’s sends.

What exactly happens after ordering?

After ordering we take you through a short onboarding process. This walks you through choosing a template, building the design and testing the email or SMS. Once set up, new emails can be sent on a days notice.

How do I know the results?

We provide each client with an overview of their campaign including unique opens and click throughs.

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