Are Your a Promotional Products Supplier Looking To Reach More Customers?

Welcome to Promo Delivers.

We are the gold standard for email and sms marketing for suppliers looking to connect with promotional product distributors.

Promo Delivers Email and SMS.

Promo Delivers is a marketing system for the Promotional Product Supplier.

We offer 2 state-of the-art marketing systems designed to help the Supplier reach more Distributors.

Email Marketing For Promo Suppliers.

All About Email Marketing.

Email marketing has gone through seismic shifts in the last 3 years. It is now longer acceptable or effective to simply “blast an email flyer”. CAN-SPAM rules, inbox rules and email service algorithms are all designed to reduce and even eliminate email from unfamiliar sources. Even if the recipient actually wants to see your information!

How Does Promo Deliver Make Your Marketing Work Better?

Promo Delivers use an email system very similar to award-winning email delivery systems such as Constant Contact and Sendinblue. These rely on 3 key ingredients.

Template Emails.

Template emails provide your messaging with a tested format. Not only do they greatly improve the look and messaging of your email but more importantly their internal structure provides the mail algorithms with all the boxes ticked to allow deliverability. 

Private IP’s. 

Most of the “standard email providers” send their email from a single IP (what is an IP?) When sending multiple emails from multiple clients (clients like you) from the same IP the email programs, Outlook, Gmail etc see the sending IP as being a possible spammer. They then direct that incoming email to your junk folder. Promo Delivers provides each of our clients with a Private IP. This means only their email is using this IP. This greatly reduces the “look of spam” and vastly improves inbox deliverability. 

Clean Double-Opted In Lists.

The list your current email supplier may contain spam traps or angry customers who want to be unsubscribed and aren’t. Promo Delivers give each one of our customers a clean and scrubbed copy of our list of 35,000 distributors. Plus, if you choose you add your list of contacts to the sending list we will scrub that list for free to remove hard bounces and dead emails. 

All of these combined elements make Promo Delivers an excellent choice to be your Supplier to Distributor email service provider.

Coming January 1 , 2022. Promo Delivers SMS Text Messages.

Promo Delivers is a marketing system for the Promotional Product Supplier.

We offer 2 state-of the-art marketing systems designed to help the Supplier reach more Distributors.

SMS Marketing For Suppliers.

SMS Marketing.

SMS marketing is the fastest growing form of digital marketing. What is it?

Like email marketing, SMS is an owned marketing channel. This means you have complete control over who receives an SMS text marketing message, what content you share, and when you decide to send it.

SMS Messaging Goes To The Phone Not The Email.

The USA has very specific text message marketing restrictions. In order to ensure message delivery to the numerous networks Promo Delivers uses an extremely high-quality, direct connection in order to deliver your SMS Text Message to your targets.

SMS messages can only send a message of 160 characters!

With text marketing, you have ownership over the experience you create for your customers across this marketing channel from start to finish. 

How Does Promo Deliver Make Your SMS Marketing Work Better?

We use an SMS text system very similar to award-winning SMS delivery systems such as Twilio or Clicksend. 

You Supply The Phone Numbers We Do The Rest.

To have us send an SMS message is simple. Step 1. Send us your list of contacts with phone numbers in an Excel or CSV file. Step 2. Craft a short and snappy message, send that to us. Step 3. Send us the page on your web site you want the traffic driven to. Step 4. We take that message and your URL and create an SMS message. Your URL (the web page you want this sent to) becomes shorter through our URL shortener. We then hit send and your marketing message go to the recipients text message app on their phone. Easy!

We Supply The Phone Numbers and We Do The Rest.

Just like the above SMS process except we have a large list of Distributor contacts and phone numbers to send your marketing message to. Try it out! You can even use both YOUR LIST and OUR LIST to reach the maximum number of contacts!